logo CELACThe Heads of State and Government of the Latin America and the Caribbean States gathered in Costa Rica, on the occasion of the III Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), on January, 28th and 29th 2015,

1. Reiterate their total condemnation of all acts of terrorism as a criminal and unjustifiable act, and reaffirm their commitment to fight terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, including the cases in which there are States involved, directly or indirectly, in strict observance of the Charter of the United Nations, of International Law, of International Norms on the protection of Human Rights and of International Humanitarian Law to this end, among other actions, they will strengthen and reinforce, as is necessary, their national legislation and will promote an active and efficient international cooperation to prevent, investigate, sanction and eliminate every manifestation of this scourge. Likewise, they commit to take quick and effective actions to prevent, penalize and eliminate the financing and the preparation of any terrorist act and to deny safe haven to instigators, funders, authors, promoters or participants in terrorist activities, in accordance with the international legal framework, including the respective international conventions and the relevant resolutions of the United Nations;

2. Reaffirm their commitment to the United Nations Global Strategy Against Terrorism, adopted in September 2006, updated in 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014, and reiterate their determination to implement the principles enshrined in said strategy and to develop all the actions provided for therein as the most effective way to end the threat of terrorism and ensure full respect for the Rule of Law and respect for Human Rights. They also welcome the work done by the Team of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and exhort for the Strategy to remain valid and updated;

3. Emphasize again, the need to avoid impunity and reaffirm the legitimate right of the States to prosecute and convict in accordance with their domestic laws those who commit terrorist acts, and urge all States to fully cooperate in the fight against terrorism, in accordance with International Law, especially in those States against whose territory or nationals terrorist acts are committed, causing the death of innocent people, injured and pain to the families of the victims of these acts, preventing those acts to be organized, incited or financed against other States through organizations based in their territories, in order to find, capture and deny safe haven and bring to justice, on the basis of the principle of prosecution or extradition and in keeping with their national legislation, those who support or facilitate the financing, planning, preparation or commission of terrorist acts or the provision of safe haven or who participate in or plan to participate in such acts;

4. Reiterate their rejection to the unilateral elaboration of blacklists accusing States of allegedly supporting and sponsoring terrorism which is inconsistent with International Law. In this context, reiterate the terms of the CELAC Special Communiqué of May, 7th , 2014, that rejects the inclusion of Cuba in the so-called List of States Sponsoring International Terrorism of the US State Department;

5. Urge all States to ensure, in keeping with International Law, that the status of refugee or political refugee is not illegitimately used by those who finance, commit, organize or sponsor terrorist attacks, of their responsible, and/or of front organizations used by terrorist groups;

6. Condemn the fact that the person responsible for the terrorist attack on October 1976 against an aircraft of Cubana de Aviación, which killed 73 innocent civilians, has not been tried for terrorism, and they support actions to achieve his extradition or to bring him to justice;

7. Reaffirm the value of extradition as an essential tool in the fight against terrorism and urge those States which have received extradition requests for terrorists submitted by the member States of our Community, to duly consider them in full compliance with the applicable legal frame work;

8. Call upon all States that have not yet done so, to consider the possibility to adhere, urgently, to all conventions and protocols concerning terrorism, to fulfill obligations arising from such instruments, as well as from all international agreements that compel them to provide police, financial intelligence, and legal assistance, to prosecute and punish promptly and appropriately those persons who organize, plan finance, sponsor, participate and/or commit terrorist acts, in strict compliance with International Law, human rights and International Humanitarian Law, as well as the national legislation of each State, against persons, public or private providers of cargo and passenger transportation, internationally protected persons, diplomatic representations, tourist facilities and other public and private facilities;

9. Shall continue working for the adoption of necessary and adequate measures in accordance with their respective obligations under International Law, in order to prohibit by law incitement to commit terrorist acts, as well as to prevent such acts;

10. Request the States, in the framework of the United Nations, to cooperate to finalize the draft agreement on a comprehensive convention against international terrorism, in order for this to serve as an efficient instrument in the fight against this scourge;

11. Reiterate their profound solidarity with the victims of terrorist acts and their families, express their desire to receive the necessary support and note with satisfaction the opportunity that presents itself for the Secretary General of the United Nations to lend continuity to the First United Nations International Symposium for the support of the Victims of Terrorism, which was held in 2008; manifesting their consent for the recent creation of a practical mechanism of international assistance to the victims in the framework of the UN.

Belén, Costa Rica, January 29th, 2015

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